Contracts like you haven't seen them before

Meet Canveo - an AI contract review and negotiation platform for companies and law firms, helping them close deals faster

A dashboard of the Canveo CLM, AI contract review and AI negotiation software.
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Putting contracts on a digital footing

Contracting can be a disjointed and manual back and forth, even if you are already using CLM software.

Canveo introduces a fully digital solution, streamlining your contract process from CRM to e-signature - seamlessly integrated with your current environment.

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Entirely integrated, from CRM to signature

Canveo is a platform that plugs into your existing software, allowing you to continue working the way you like.

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Canveo lives inside
your other apps

Open Canveo from anywhere - whether you usually work in Salesforce, Hubspot, Word, or iManage, you can create or open your contracts in Canveo directly from where you usually work.

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Seamless Integration

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Dialog showing export to Word and PDF capability

Work in Word, or collaborate in Canveo

Canveo gives you the benefit of a collaborative platform, while offering full flexibility in how you work. If you prefer working in Word, Canveo has you covered - it automatically manages versions and reconciles redlines.

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Word Integration

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Collaborative Editing

How Canveo works

1. Create new contract

Drag and drop the template you have received from your counterparty, or use one of your own templates. Easily merge data from connected applications into your contract.

2. Review & negotiate

Let our AI perform an automatic contract review. Negotiate changes directly on platform or in Microsoft Word. Get approvals and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

3. Sign & manage

Sign from directly within Canveo. Track renewals and party obligations with automatic reminders. Save signed contracts automatically to your preferred source of truth.

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Make contracting a driver of your business growth

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The power of AI, right inside your contracts

Save more than 80% in contract review time by having our AI assistant review and mark-up contracts for you.

Canveo lets you analyze full contracts or individual clauses, detect deviations from your company policy, and insert suggested changes automatically.

Our automated contract review software helps you streamline your review process and ensure consistency in your positions.

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Image showcasing Canveo's versioning capabilities
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Fully automated versioning

Free yourself from manual versioning, by letting Canveo take care of versions for you.

Whether you edit your contracts directly on our platform, or first export them to Microsoft Word, our platform automatically creates new versions and maintains a full audit trail.

No more manually checking in documents, or reconciling tracked changes from different versions.

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An image showcasing Canveo's sharing capabilities.
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Flexible collaboration, inside and outside your organization

No one likes to be forced to work in a certain way.

With Canveo, you and your counterparties have the option to work either on our platform, or completely offline in Microsoft Word - without loss of any functionality.

Save time by enabling your team to work in one place, managing all approvals, and maintaining an audit trail - without disclosing internal workflows to counterparties, or requiring them to use Canveo.

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Advanced data security

Data protection and data privacy are at the heart of what we do.

Customer data is always encrypted when stored and is kept on highly secure servers based in Switzerland.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligns with the stringent ISO/IEC 27001 standards and is regularly updated, ensuring your data is processed with the highest level of security and care.

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Use cases

Since Canveo can handle both high-complexity transactions and straight-forward agreements, we generate value for both law firms and in-house legal departments.

Turn Legal into everybody's darling

Our powerful contracting platform will make your Legal team the top performer within your company.

Sales teams will love using Canveo (just like Procurement and HR), enabling a true partnership between Legal and other teams.

Get access to streamlined negotiations, both internally and externally, improved e-signing, and comprehensive search and reminder functionality post-signature. You can use Canveo as your source of truth, or integrate it with your existing document management system. 

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Advanced Negotiations

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Search & Reporting

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Enhanced E-Signature

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Reminders & Tasks

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Get instant access to your knowledge

Add Canveo as a clip-on module to your Document Management System. Through one of our integrations, open your  agreements directly in Canveo from within your DMS, to get access to:

Automated versioning (synching to your DMS), collaborative editing, intelligent clause libraries, AI review and redlining, internal and external collaboration flows, conditional creation, approval flows, template management, and much more.

Become your clients' favorite law firm by working with them in the way they like - through a seamless, integrated technology platform.

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DMS Integration

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Clause Libraries

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AI Review & Drafting

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Collaborative Editing

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Hear what they say about us

Claudio Marforio, COO at Futurae

“Our customers liked Canveo so much that they started using it themselves internally. I fully recommend using it - the benefits are tremendous.”

Stefan Klauser, CEO at Aisot

“It's quite amazing how much time we saved since we started using Canveo. It’s the next-generation online contracting tool - fully recommended.”